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PHD in Strategic Leadership/Auther/Speaker

Do you revel in the opportunity to push yourself to the limits. To go further than you thought possible and leave a mark on the world for generations to come. Do you have a talent and a gift but just need that little extra to help you overcome the hurdles of life. If so, let's connect today so I can help you win life's prizes. 

My Story

I am a dad of four, husband to a beautiful wife, and committed coach, author, and consultant. For over 15 years, I have served my country in the Army as a soldier. I have a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership partly because my mother constantly challenged me to do everything excellently, and getting a Doctoral degree was a big part of it. 

That challenge from her and my father is a big part of why I am an incredible coach capable of helping you on your journey. As a father to four very different kids and a leader in multiple organizations, I bring the same challenge every day. I want to help you be better at the end of the day, no matter how small an increase, then you were the day prior. This is how I define success. One step better each day. Some days you will make more steps, some days less, but if you don't stop, then in the end, impact and influence are your rewards for your hard work. 

I believe every person is a leader, and the journey to change first begins with yourself and the ability to lead you to accomplish your dreams. I look forward to helping you climb your mountain, shine a light that changes the world, and inspire others to pursue their dreams. 


Dr. Justin Loyd


Mrs. Yalonda Loyd
Mental Health Counselor/ Speaker

I am Yalonda Loyd, a mental health counselor, and I am looking forward to helping you out. We all need help some time or just someone to talk to and I believe I have been put here to help you achieve your destiny. The Past always has an impact on your future, and even though sometimes that can be negative, we can work through it together and bring out the positive in it. I am looking forward to helping you be great. Let's get started today.  

My Story

I grew up in inner-city Cleveland. The Air Force was my chosen route out of the grind of working three jobs to pay the bills. I served for four years as a Medical Technician with a deployment to Afghanistan, where I met my husband. We got married in 2010 and have four kids; two degrees later, we are excited for the opportunity to share our gifts and calling with the world. I homeschool our kids, volunteer at our church working with the youth, and strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman. 


​Growing up was a challenge. My mom struggled with raising me and my three siblings by herself. Drugs, alcohol, and young single motherhood, plus absentee fathers, were very common around me. Consequently, the effects they had on lives have driven me to want to help those in similar situations and those who are trying to overcome them. 


I truly believe that you should not let your past define you. Instead, consider every loss a lesson, and let it propel you to the next level. This is easier said than done, and I believe it is easier done with help.  

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.


Yalonda Loyd

Apostle V Bio Pic 2.jpg

Mrs. Vanessa Loyd
Certified Life Coach

I hold a BA in Political Science, and in Theology. I also have a Master of Business Administration and A Master of Theology. I have completed the course for my Doctor of Theology and is currently waiting upon direction from my heavenly Father for further instructions. My personal motto is the same as the church I worship in. “Where the Holy Spirit Leads, We Follow”.

My Story

I am the wife of Michael Loyd, mother of 3 children and 12 grandchildren. Currently serves as Co-Pastor of The Fellowship of Jesus Christ Church International in Conyers Georgia. I am a public speaker who has spoken on multiple continents all over the world and in multiple states. My ability to engage, inspire and encourage the audience has allowed me to have many speaking opportunities across multiple disciplines.
Life Coaching is a major part of my role as a Pastor and community leader in the area where I reside. I have years of coaching and counseling members of the congregation and other leaders from various organizations that come to me for assistance, support and mentorship. I have authored the book “Going Through 2 Become”. Where I believe that this life changing Word, which I share in the book is a mandate from God to the world that so often misunderstands the reasons why they go through certain things in their lives. I am frequently found writing and editing plays. I am looking forward to my next writing assignment. I also co-produce the YouTube program “Mom’s Pearls” The show that discusses life’s questions from a Biblical Perspective. I've worked in Corporate America for over 25 years with a variety of experiences, from System Analysis to Business Consulting and Electronic division coordinating. Where I trained
audiences and wrote technical manuals for processes. My gift of excellence in administrative efficiencies, allowed me to develop and assist in implementing processes to automate manual tasks to improve productivity and accuracy. I have researched, conducted financial data analysis and presented written and oral reports to senior leadership. I also have over 30 years in the restaurant, manufacturing and entrepreneur experience. Serving in ownership and management roles throughout. Supervised personnel planned and projected labor needs based on forecasting and statistical analysis. Skilled in all areas of business management.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.


Vanessa Loyd

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